Due to regular and insistent urging from my oncologist, I strive to do some type of exercise or physical movement/activity virtually every day.  One of my favorites, which I incorporate at least once a week, is yoga.  That’s a style of exercise which I truly look forward to, especially when my medication-induced joint and muscle pain are really cramping my style.

Why do I like yoga?  Number one, because it makes me feel taller.  That’s not the most important reason, but it is the first thing I notice after my yoga practice.  Once I can get up the energy to stand.  The relaxation of it is so soothing.  I’m all melted into the floor, with warm muscles and a supple spine.  After I’ve stretched and twisted and rocked and gently balanced my body,  aches give way to openness.

Being taller may be an illusion, but feeling taller gives me a sense of lightness.  My head floats on top of my spine, without that weighty, bowling ball sensation.  The grace of a dancer resides in my movements, rather than any clunky shuffling along.  A quiet awareness allows me to have a calm perspective as I integrate back into the flow of my day.

Yoga has a non-competitive and generous spirit that invites me into my practice.  It is my own, individual practice, each day being different.  As I take the time to tune in and listen to what my body is telling me, I can support and meet those needs.  It is nourishing, from the outside in.  My breath deepens in a pose, my back expanding as fresh oxygen fills my lungs.  I feel ageless moments as I balance in tree pose, gazing into the distance.  Time is not counted, reps are not counted.  This is communion between my heart and body, a re-integration of the wholeness that is our birthright.


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